Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big Pharm & The Doctors vs The Tort Lawyers

Eventually, it will happen. There will come a day of reckoning.

Eventually, it’s going to be common knowledge that the powerful pharmaceutical industry, aided by gullible doctors and a host of other well-meaning, but ignorant individuals and entities, have been engaged in the kind of cover-up akin to the one the cigarette manufacturers engaged in for decades. The tobacco industry knew for many years that their product was harmful. They had studies that showed the harm. After years of winning cases, they suddenly began to lose. It seems information had leaked out about the secret studies, and the information about the studies was no longer a closely-held secret. The “other side” knew about it. (For an excellent piece on the cancer "industry" see Breast Cancer Deception.)

Make no mistake, the same thing is going to happen in the medical world. You’re going to see, one day, litigation that is going to take a position that will attack the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical industry. The lawsuits will allege, on the part of the doctors, old fashioned malpractice. But, with the pharmaceutical industry, the litigation will focus on what they knew, what they could and should have known, and what the science actually says about good health. They will be unable to plead ignorance. There will be a legal presumption of their knowledge about the scientific studies and conclusions on the subject. There is a wealth of data and thousands of studies out there that are showing us that cancer is closely linked to diet. The data also is showing us that the current treatments for cancer either not effective, or they are not as effective as they could be if the doctors would pay attention to the studies, the accumulated data that says cancer treatments that are coupled with dynamic natural treatment are far more effective than treatment that lacks that element.

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice. He recently retired from both practices to devote full time to nutritional studies and research. He is the author of several books, and more recently, a book entitled Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. This book is “cutting edge” stuff. I predict it will be used by lawyers, eventually, in their quest to bring the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession to court to answer as to why they have ignored what Dr. Blaylock describes so completely in the book that he spent over three decades researching.
Blaylock discusses how normal cells become cancerous, and goes into great detail as to the many ways nutritional intervention can interfere with cancer cell growth and spread. More importantly, he shows how the current data and studies shatters one of the myths firmly held by most oncologists, namely, that antioxidants interfere with conventional cancer treatments. Most doctors who treat cancer patients adhere to the myth (for which there is absolutely no reliable scientific data) that a patient should absolutely stay away from antioxidants (which are so good at destroying free radicals). Blaylock demonstrates that the truth is and always has been that a cancer patient needs antioxidants in his or her treatment.

The book is a “must read,” and it is a book that ought to be in the hands of every person who has cancer or who has a loved one with cancer. But, I think it’s a book that ought to land on your lawyer’s desk, too, especially if you lose a loved-one to cancer because a doctor refused to pay attention to what the scientific studies have been showing with regard to treatment of cancer patients with a holistic approach that includes proper nutritional therapy. (See: A Summary Paper Distilling Some of the Important Ideas and Research Being Done, Especially with Treatment of Breast Cancer. This is a pdf file)

Following is an interview with Dr. Blaylock that demonstrates some of the cogent arguments that he makes in his books.

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